Books by Harold R. Eberle


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  • Hell: God's Justice, God's Mercy

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    The traditional view of hell tells us that wicked people will suffer forever and forever. But what kind of God would torture ...

  • God's Leaders for Tomorrow's World

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    Third Edition Do you sense the call to leadership? Through a fresh understanding of leadership dynamics, you can develop g...

  • Precious in His Sight

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    A Fresh Look at the Nature of Humanity for the 21st Century Reformation: It is time for Christians to come out of darkness...

  • Church History: Simply Stated

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    How did the Church get to where she is today? How did we get so many denominations? Who are the leaders who formed our though...

  • Thy Kingdom Come

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    The gospel Jesus and His disciples preached is not what we preach today.  They preached, "Repent, for the Kingdom of God is...

  • Victorious Eschatology, Second Edition

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    Here it is - a biblically-based, optimistic view of the future. Co-authored by Harold R. Eberle and Martin Trench. Along with...

Displaying 13 - 18 of 2612345 Show All