April Newsletter

by harold on April 23, 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Once you become convinced that the Kingdom of God will continue to grow until it fills Earth, the next step is to determine what the Kingdom will look like once it has fully manifested. Only with a vision of that completed work can we know if our present labor is building toward the goal.

The fully manifested Kingdom on Earth will be a world where righteousness, peace and joy reign. People will beat their swords into plowshares. Just laws will establish the King’s will throughout the Earth. All people will have hearts eager to serve the King, so no enforcement of those laws will be necessary.

The presence of Jesus will be upon the land, so all of humanity will be filled with love for one another. Every person will see through eyes of compassion rather than judgment. Therefore, every wrinkle or imperfection in the face of another will open a window into a beautiful, seasoned heart. Diversity will be celebrated, racial differences will lead to rejoicing about God’s creativity, and all will long to share the treasures of their lives with their neighbors.

Humans will have dominion over this Earth: plants and animals will be responsive to man’s will, diseases will no longer plague humanity, and there will be an abundance for everyone. As Isaiah 11:6-9 promises, “the wolf will dwell with the Lamb” and “the nursing child will play by the hole of the cobra.”  Harmony will be established between nature and humanity. Indeed, creation longs for that day when it will be ordered by the gracious stewardship of the children of God. Furthermore, “the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord” (Is. 11:6-9).

There will be no curse on creation, so the sweat of one’s brow will be relieved by creativity. Every person will find work perfectly suited to their gifts and desires. Engineers will design roads, bridges and buildings that dwarf the greatest monuments of the present world. Artists will capture glories that will weaken the knees of the strongest among us. Scientists will develop new technologies that cause people to simply smile when they remember the days of iPhones. Agriculturalists will breed grains and fruits not yet imagined. And every person will sense a personal connection with the King of kings who will guide them, whisper His love and call them by a secret name.

This is the world that Jesus died, resurrected and ascended into heaven to create. There will be no end to the increase of His government or of peace; the zeal of the Lord of hosts will accomplish this (Is. 9:7).

Your Brother,


The above thoughts are taken from my book, Why I Am a Partial Preterist, Rather than a Full Preterist, which is one of two books scheduled to be released at our annual summer 

October Newsletter

by harold on October 3, 2013

Supporters of Worldcast Ministries,

My heart is heavy for our Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan. Over the last two months the attacks on Christians in that area have been greater than any time in history. The last attacks were suicide bombers in churches, with over a 100 people, mostly children, killed, and hundreds more injured. Some of them are family members of people we know in Pakistan. They have no medical help and they are suffering terribly.

I was scheduled to go into Pakistan with a team on the 15th of this month, but the government is not allowing me to have a visa at this time. Our two Bible colleges are graduating about 90 students and I was hoping to be there to teach and lay hands on the graduates.

The leaders we work with remain full of faith and courage. In fact, they just held open air evangelistic meetings as you can see in the bottom photo. Thousands are coming to Jesus.

Mike Westbay and I are still videotaping TV programs that are translated and broadcast across the Middle East five days each week. We are continuing to ask God for 20 millions commitments to Jesus in Pakistan.


Your Brother, 

Harold Eberle

April Newsletter

by harold on April 8, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In the church today, we have too many harbingers and not enough harvesters.

The harbingers are the voices declaring that destruction is coming. The harvesters are too busy to listen to that paralyzing nonsense.

Many Christians have bought into the lie that it will take a crisis to wake up the church and revive our nations. But crisis does not bring revival. It never has and it never will. The 9/11 crises increased church attendance in America for two Sundays, but then everything was back to normal by the third Sunday.

Some Christians reason that too much comfort and wealth causes people to forget God and there is some truth to that. However, the opposite is not true. It is not true that poverty leads people to return to God. If that were true than the poorest regions of the world would be closest to God today. In reality, the poorest of the poor are in India worshipping idols, among tribal people honoring their ancestors, or in the deserts of the Middle East praying to Allah five times a day. Poverty and crisis leaves people groping for answers but the answers they cling to are usually filled with superstition and deception.

Faith in God comes by hearing, not crisis.

Preaching truth brings awakenings.

Leadership and work bring in harvests.  

You can see this in the average church today. Just think of a youth ministry. One church can have an active ministry where the youth are alive and on fire, while the youth ministry across town is dead. The difference is not in that one church has a crisis, but rather that one church has anointed leadership. The same truth can be seen in cities or regions of the world. One church can be reaping a harvest, while a church across town is dying. The only crisis is a crisis of leadership.

I have the privilege of meeting some of the most passionate leaders in the world. Most of them you will never meet nor will you ever hear their names on television or read about them in Charisma magazine.  This last month I spent time with one brother who has sacrificed much to preach to tens of thousands of souls in India. Another is living in Lebanon, reaping a harvest throughout the Muslim-dominated areas of the Mideast. A third friend runs an underground television station that was bombed recently, but now is restored and receiving approximately 4,000 calls per day for prayer. Then there are three businessmen here in the States who are using their wealth to pioneer into new areas that others simply dream about influencing. These are the ones who are not waiting for a crisis to bring an awakening. Instead, they are causing a crisis in Satan’s realm as he watches his domain being plundered.

If we deceive ourselves into thinking that an economic or some other external crisis is needed to bring an awakening, then we can sit on our rears and wait for the next crisis to come. On the other hand, if we believe the words of Jesus that the harvest is always plentiful, then we will have to accept responsibility for bringing in that harvest. Jesus did not say the harvest will be plentiful after a crisis. He taught that the only thing keeping the harvest from coming in is the lack of laborers.

It is work and sacrifice that brings in the harvest. Reaping a harvest requires a change in priorities. It requires passion to accomplish something significant for God. An awakening is just outside of your present comfort zone. It is not a crisis that will get you out of your comfort zone. It is obedience and faith.

Your Brother, Harold
Prayer request: I am planning on going to Pakistan April 15. I still have not received my visa. Your prayers for that, a great harvest, anointing at a leadership conference, and safety is much appreciated.

Invite: For those of you living in the area, Worldcast Ministries is hosting a dinner Tuesday evening, April 30, at the Le Chateau, 15 North Naches Avenue, here in Yakima WA. We will be sharing our vision for the coming years, including the daily television program that will be broadcasting the gospel of peace to the Middle East. If you live in the area, please make it a priority to join us for dinner (on us). If you want more information, call our office: 509-930-4699. Give me the opportunity to challenge you to make a leap of faith to expand the Kingdom of God.

January Newsletter!

by harold on January 22, 2013


Dear Friends/Partners,

Summer Conference:    

Plan this year to come to our annual summer conference. It will be July 25, 26, and 27, Thursday evening, all-day Friday, and all-day Saturday, here in Yakima, Washington. Lewis Crownover will be leading the Yakima Foursquare worship team along with other anointed psalmists. Paul Keith Davis and I will be doing some of the teaching ministry, but we also realize that it is time to step aside and let some of the gifted younger men and women here in the Northwest rise up to lead the Body of Christ into the next wave of glory. So we are going to be doing just that. You will be experiencing new blood and fresh fire. Put the dates on your calendar.

Hope to see you:     

Almost every weekend between now and our summer conference, I will be ministering somewhere in the US. You can always check my itinerary on our website. It is always wonderful seeing you.


My two latest books are: Church History Simply Stated andThy Kingdom Come!

The one on Church history is a real easy read, 80 pages, meant to make it easy for the average Christian to get a hold of Church history. I hit all of the highlights and major leaders during the last 2,000 years. I wish every Christian knew the simple turning points of Christianity discussed here.

The second book explains the difference between the gospel of salvation and the gospel of the kingdom; another easy read, 70 pages. God is trying to re-orient His people to the Kingdom message not just the Church message. Some of you have heard me teach on this subject; it always gets people stirred up. The implications of the Kingdom message are revolutionizing the Church right now.

Call our office (509-248-5837) or go to our


I am planning on going back to Pakistan in April. I appreciate your prayers.


Some people have a misconception that letters like this stir in big responses and money simply shows up in the mailbox. I have been writing these letters for over 20 years now and I am still waiting for that to happen.

About 737 people receive this partner letter, but we only have two small churches that send us monthly support. One in Texas and one in Virginia (I love them). There have about five faithful families and individuals who have stood with us financially for over 15 years; about a dozen that have started since then; oh yeah, there is also a tattoo parlor in Tennessee. That’s cool! Once in a while we have two donors that are stirred to send in a significant gift. Praise God for them. Other than that, I have to keep traveling and preaching every week to keep the bills paid and the work advancing overseas. I am still determined to see 20 million Muslims come to Christ. If you ever have any thoughts about supporting us on a regular basis, I want to assure you that those thoughts are from God.


Greg Boyd is one of my top three favorite authors. If you come across anything of his, it will be worth your time to consider it. Click the link below to check out a youtube video of his:



Your Brother,


March Newsletter

by harold on March 23, 2012

Quote of the month: “Many Christians live as if Adam’s fall had a greater effect upon humanity than Jesus’ redemption.”

Our on-line Bible College is now open. Yeah!!!!! Our classes can be audited or taken for credit. They can be studied individually or in a group setting. It is great material. I know the teacher and I whole-heartedly agree with all of his stuff. (Okay, I am the teacher for 8 of the courses.) Please check it out, even if you are not going to take any classes. Go to this link:

We are also looking forward to some events that you may want to join in on:

 1) April 19, 20, and 21, I am joining with Wayne Anderson and Rich Carey, for a conference on Compassionate Capitalism, in Albany, New York. It will be hosted by Our Savior’s Lutheran ChurchThe Shepherd’s House and International Apostolic Ministries. For information go to:

 2) The Annual Worldcast Conference will be July 19-21, Thursday evening, all-day Friday and all-day Saturday. This year Stacey Campbell and Martin Trench will be with us. Stacey (wife of Wesley Campbell) is the wild woman that comes with the presence of God. Martin Trench co-authored, Victorious Eschatology with me, although we do not plan on teaching that subject at this conference. Those of you who attended last year’s conference will remember Martin as the one with the Scottish accent. Worship will be led by Mike and Penny Proctor, along with the Yakima Foursquare worship team. Be sure to put it on your calendar.

Your Brother,

Harold Eberle

The Crown Is Yours

by admin on January 24, 2012

If I had to design a church building to correspond with what I believe, I would not place the cross at the front center of the sanctuary. Instead, I would place the cross on the door of the church so everyone could see it and walk through it as they enter. This is because no one can approach God apart from the death of Jesus and the forgiveness provided as a result of His death.

But once people are inside the sanctuary, they should not look to the cross. They should be looking to the living Jesus Christ, who reigns in heaven and manifests in our worship services. Of course, there are times to call to mind the incredible sacrifice Jesus made, but primarily we should be looking to Him who presently sits on the throne.

In designing a church building, it would also be great to put on crown on each door so every person could see it as they exit. That crown comes as a result of what Jesus did, but it is not His crown on the door. It is yours and mine. We should go out of the building, knowing that we have been made kings and priests. We should go out knowing that we are here to establish His reign throughout the earth.

It is ok if you put on your crown now.

Your brother,


The Crown, Rather than the Cross

by harold on January 5, 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
In the coming years, I hope the symbol of Christianity changes from the cross to the crown.
Of course, the death of Jesus is necessary for our salvation and no one will get to heaven apart from the atoning sacrifice of our Lord’s death. But the heart of Christianity is the life of Jesus not the death of Jesus.
This is in agreement with the true gospel. Jesus and John the Baptist preached, “the Kingdom of God is at hand.” When Jesus sent out the disciples He instructed them to preach this same gospel.
Unfortunately, when you ask modern Christians what is the gospel, most will say that Jesus died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins and if we accept Him as Savior we will be saved. Indeed, that is part of the Good News. But the true Gospel is this: the Kingdom of God is here.
Or we can word it this way: Jesus is Lord. Two thousand years ago, the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Yes, He died, but He also conquered death and ascended into heaven. Then He sat down on a throne. He has been sitting on that throne for 2,000 years and He will continue to reign until every enemy is put under His feet. This is the gospel: Jesus is King.
Notice what Paul said is necessary for salvation: “If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved” (Rom. 10:9). Paul did not say, we must believe that Jesus died on the cross; he said, we must believe that God raised Him from the dead. He did not say that we must accept Jesus as Savior; Paul said we must confess Jesus as “Lord.”
When Peter first preached the gospel on Pentecost day, he did not explain why Jesus died on the cross. The heart of his message was the Jesus has risen from the dead and is now sitting at the right hand of the Father, pouring out His Spirit upon all flesh (Acts 2:17-39).
Of course, we want everyone to know that Jesus died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins, but that is not the most important point of the gospel. The life of Jesus is more central to Christianity than the death of Jesus.
Unfortunately, Christianity in the Western world has reversed this. It has not always been this way. During the first 1,000 years of Christianity, the Church was life-centered. People who have studied art throughout the history of the Church say that the the cross cannot be found in early art. The art of the early Church depicted Jesus as a baby, a young boy, a Shepherd, a King,… Jesus was shown working miracles, healing the sick, teaching the multitudes, resurrecting from the grave, ascending into heaven, sitting on His throne and releasing Holy Spirit. Christianity was focused on the life of Jesus rather than the death of Jesus.
To the early Church the cross was thought of as something shameful. The cross was an instrument of torture. To use the cross as a symbol in those days would have been more despicable and bizarre than someone in modern times using a hangman’s noose, a guillotine, an electric chair, or a torture chamber as a symbol of their hero.
Yet, many Christians today wear a cross around their neck. Of course, we know the cross has become known as a sacred symbol of our Lord and I do not want to take that away from sincere Christians revealing their love for Jesus. However, I wish they would consider more carefully the message that is being declared.
Protestant Christians made an improvement over Roman Catholicism when they began using an empty cross rather than a crucifix with the body of Jesus hanging on the cross. But even an empty cross does not adequately communicate the gospel. The gospel is not just that Jesus is off of the cross. It is that He is on a throne. Jesus is King and Lord.
Your Brother,
Harold R. Eberle