End of 2016

by harold on January 21, 2017


With one click of a button and making a few simple decisions about what is important, you can help:

1. sponsor the open air preaching of the gospel before tens of thousands of Muslims who are ready and desiring to receive Jesus,
2. build a dream center in the middle of a red light district of Indonesia,
3. train students at Bible colleges in the Middle East,
4. clothe poor Christians living in the cold isolated mountains of Pakistan,
5. feed hungry Muslim children in the Philippines while they hear the gospel,
6. complete a school for children in Pakistan,
7. support evangelistic work among Muslims in the Philippines,
8. spread the gospel via television to millions of Muslims across the Middle East,
9. educate slaves, so they can work their way out of slavery,
10. build a dream center in a remote region of Mindanao, Philippines,

Your brother,


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