January Newsletter!

by harold on January 22, 2013


Dear Friends/Partners,

Summer Conference:    

Plan this year to come to our annual summer conference. It will be July 25, 26, and 27, Thursday evening, all-day Friday, and all-day Saturday, here in Yakima, Washington. Lewis Crownover will be leading the Yakima Foursquare worship team along with other anointed psalmists. Paul Keith Davis and I will be doing some of the teaching ministry, but we also realize that it is time to step aside and let some of the gifted younger men and women here in the Northwest rise up to lead the Body of Christ into the next wave of glory. So we are going to be doing just that. You will be experiencing new blood and fresh fire. Put the dates on your calendar.

Hope to see you:     

Almost every weekend between now and our summer conference, I will be ministering somewhere in the US. You can always check my itinerary on our website. It is always wonderful seeing you.


My two latest books are: Church History Simply Stated andThy Kingdom Come!

The one on Church history is a real easy read, 80 pages, meant to make it easy for the average Christian to get a hold of Church history. I hit all of the highlights and major leaders during the last 2,000 years. I wish every Christian knew the simple turning points of Christianity discussed here.

The second book explains the difference between the gospel of salvation and the gospel of the kingdom; another easy read, 70 pages. God is trying to re-orient His people to the Kingdom message not just the Church message. Some of you have heard me teach on this subject; it always gets people stirred up. The implications of the Kingdom message are revolutionizing the Church right now.

Call our office (509-248-5837) or go to our website:www.worldcastministries.com


I am planning on going back to Pakistan in April. I appreciate your prayers.


Some people have a misconception that letters like this stir in big responses and money simply shows up in the mailbox. I have been writing these letters for over 20 years now and I am still waiting for that to happen.

About 737 people receive this partner letter, but we only have two small churches that send us monthly support. One in Texas and one in Virginia (I love them). There have about five faithful families and individuals who have stood with us financially for over 15 years; about a dozen that have started since then; oh yeah, there is also a tattoo parlor in Tennessee. That’s cool! Once in a while we have two donors that are stirred to send in a significant gift. Praise God for them. Other than that, I have to keep traveling and preaching every week to keep the bills paid and the work advancing overseas. I am still determined to see 20 million Muslims come to Christ. If you ever have any thoughts about supporting us on a regular basis, I want to assure you that those thoughts are from God.


Greg Boyd is one of my top three favorite authors. If you come across anything of his, it will be worth your time to consider it. Click the link below to check out a youtube video of his:




Your Brother,


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