Middle East Television Partnership

Incredible doors have opened to broadcast the Gospel of Peace, out of Pakistan, throughout the entire Middle East, along with India, China, and other Eastern regions.


As of June 1, 2013, Harold Eberle and Mike Westbay have been hosting a television program that is broadcast during prime time, seven days a week.  Millions hear the Gospel!

Please partner with us. To carry on with this ministry we need $6,000 monthly.

We are asking for:

60 people to give $100 a month
— or —
120 people to give $50 a month



Yes, Harold!  I can partner with you for this important project!

I will partner with you for:
per month.

I will partner with you for: 
per month!


One-Time Donation

I can’t partner at this time, but I want to make a one-time donation.