October Newsletter

by harold on October 3, 2013

Supporters of Worldcast Ministries,

My heart is heavy for our Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan. Over the last two months the attacks on Christians in that area have been greater than any time in history. The last attacks were suicide bombers in churches, with over a 100 people, mostly children, killed, and hundreds more injured. Some of them are family members of people we know in Pakistan. They have no medical help and they are suffering terribly.

I was scheduled to go into Pakistan with a team on the 15th of this month, but the government is not allowing me to have a visa at this time. Our two Bible colleges are graduating about 90 students and I was hoping to be there to teach and lay hands on the graduates.

The leaders we work with remain full of faith and courage. In fact, they just held open air evangelistic meetings as you can see in the bottom photo. Thousands are coming to Jesus.

Mike Westbay and I are still videotaping TV programs that are translated and broadcast across the Middle East five days each week. We are continuing to ask God for 20 millions commitments to Jesus in Pakistan.


Your Brother, 

Harold Eberle

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