2016 Worldcast Conference

by harold on November 26, 2016


Hello Everyone,
Our annual summer conference was magnificent this year! Lots of long-term friends and many new faces. Jesus showed up!
Papa Jack Taylor and his wife Frieda brought a father’s blessing and authority. Martin Trench and Stan DeKoven shook the foundation. Linda and I got to release blessings and revelation. Plus about 30 leaders did snaptalks, which are much like “Tedtalks”, only these leaders are preaching their passion for Jesus in rapid-fire 20 minutes sessions all day long. It was powerful.
At one meeting we took an offering for a building that Harry and Kathy McMichaels are building in Tanzania, Africa. They have been working there for many years and their work is reaching people that no one else is. Thanks to all who gave. We were able to pay for the floor, which is now completed as you can see in the photo below. Harry and Kathy are among my heroes.
Linda and I are leaving for Indonesia in the morning. We will be with our friend Samuel Suputra, ministering at churches and two pastors’ seminars. Please keep us in prayer.
God bless you with peace and joy.
I hope you are reading through a copy of Father-Son Theology, second edition.

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