February Newsletter

by harold on February 24, 2017

Hi Everyone,
I hope you have set aside the dates for this year’s Worldcast Conference. It will take place this July 19-22, 2017, Wednesday evening, all-day Thursday, all-day Friday, and all-day Saturday. Joining us will be Paul Young, the author of The Shack, Anwar Fazal, the Pakistani leader who holds those huge open-air meetings (100,000 to 1 million people), and Jonathan Welton, one of my top five favorite teachers. Of course, we will also have the 20 minutes snap talks each day so you can hear from about 30 leaders who will be sharing their heart and passion.
Below are some memorable photos of our last trip to Pakistan:
Your Brother,
If you are interested in witnessing an open air meeting, check out the link below:

End of 2016

by harold on January 21, 2017


With one click of a button and making a few simple decisions about what is important, you can help:

1. sponsor the open air preaching of the gospel before tens of thousands of Muslims who are ready and desiring to receive Jesus,
2. build a dream center in the middle of a red light district of Indonesia,
3. train students at Bible colleges in the Middle East,
4. clothe poor Christians living in the cold isolated mountains of Pakistan,
5. feed hungry Muslim children in the Philippines while they hear the gospel,
6. complete a school for children in Pakistan,
7. support evangelistic work among Muslims in the Philippines,
8. spread the gospel via television to millions of Muslims across the Middle East,
9. educate slaves, so they can work their way out of slavery,
10. build a dream center in a remote region of Mindanao, Philippines,

Your brother,


Holiday Special

by harold on November 26, 2016




Holiday Special

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Burnt to Ashes

by harold on November 26, 2016



Dear Friends,
The letter below is from Dave Stevenson who is giving his life to save suffering Christians. Please read his report and help him if you can.

Starting Schools for Slave Children

by harold on November 26, 2016



Hi Everyone,

In Punjab, Pakistan, tens of thousands of slave children work in brickyards. There are about 20,000 brickyards in Pakistan, each with its own slave children who work 12 hours each day, 6 days per week.

A friend, Pastor Stan Fleming, has been starting schools for the slave children to provide a literacy program for them on their off time. The program includes studies in English, Urdu (national language), Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Bible. The slaves live in the brickyards so that is where the schools are located. There is a certified teacher at each school. Currently, the schools take students up to grade 5, but the plan is to continue their education up to grade 10. At this level, students can take a national test and if it is passed, the students can secure good paying jobs outside of the brickyards. Then they can pay off the brickyard owners and secure their freedom.

We have already helped Pastor Stan start three schools (about 40 students each), but I ask you to help us build more. Each school costs $7,600; that is, $4,000 to start with curriculum, furniture, clothes, etc.; plus $3,600 for one year’s maintenance (teacher’s salary and supplies).



2016 Worldcast Conference

by harold on November 26, 2016


Hello Everyone,
Our annual summer conference was magnificent this year! Lots of long-term friends and many new faces. Jesus showed up!
Papa Jack Taylor and his wife Frieda brought a father’s blessing and authority. Martin Trench and Stan DeKoven shook the foundation. Linda and I got to release blessings and revelation. Plus about 30 leaders did snaptalks, which are much like “Tedtalks”, only these leaders are preaching their passion for Jesus in rapid-fire 20 minutes sessions all day long. It was powerful.
At one meeting we took an offering for a building that Harry and Kathy McMichaels are building in Tanzania, Africa. They have been working there for many years and their work is reaching people that no one else is. Thanks to all who gave. We were able to pay for the floor, which is now completed as you can see in the photo below. Harry and Kathy are among my heroes.
Linda and I are leaving for Indonesia in the morning. We will be with our friend Samuel Suputra, ministering at churches and two pastors’ seminars. Please keep us in prayer.
God bless you with peace and joy.
I hope you are reading through a copy of Father-Son Theology, second edition.

Merry Christmas!

by harold on December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas, Huaah! Huaah! Huaah!

I hope you are all planning for a time with family and friends. Of course, it is time to be jolly, but it is my job to keep bringing to your attention the needs beyond yourself.

If you knew what was going on in the Middle East, you would get involved. Millions of Muslims are committing their lives to Jesus Christ—the One whose birth we celebrate!

Our Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East continue to risk their lives to spread the gospel. It is such an honor to work alongside of them.

From our comfortable, safe home, Linda and I are still taping our daily television program to minister to those who live in the Muslim-dominated regions of the world. On our program, called, The Gospel of Peace, we go through the New Testament, reading a paragraph, then talking about it so as to apply it to the lives of our viewing audience. Then it is broadcast five days each week, across the Middle East and beyond, from Egypt to India and everywhere in between.

We are posting one program here so you can sample what we are doing. Please take a moment to check it out and say a prayer for us. We don’t broadcast to people in the Western world because our friends close to home are not our target. If we knew our friends were watching, we would subconsciously direct our hearts toward them and that would change the effectiveness of what we teach. Plus, people in the U.S. would not fully understand some of the things that we emphasize in our efforts to reach another culture.

Millions of people are listening. We continue to need your help.

Consider this: If you had been alive during World War II, would you have been involved in saving the Jews or would you have kept uninvolved going about your daily business? It is easy to tell yourself that you would have done everything possible to help, but your present actions are revealing what you would have done back then.

Today something much more dramatic and historic than the Holocaust is going on. A historic awakening is happening among Muslims. Jesus is the only and ultimate answer to bring peace to the earth. Plus, eternal destinies are at stake.

This is the best time to give. You can still send a gift that will be tax deductible for 2015.

Your brother,

Harold R. Eberle


Remember that January 6 will start the webinar in which I will walk through Father-Son Theology with you. Anyone and everyone will be able to join the first session free. I will be sending out directions soon on how you can join in with us. After the first evening together, those who want to continue for the following six Wednesdays will be able to register. You will be able to ask questions which I will address before everyone on line with us. All you need is a computer connected to the internet. But it would also be good if you picked up a copy of Father-Son Theology now. It also makes a great Christmas gift..


Glorious Kingdom Expansion!

by harold on September 8, 2015

Hi Friends,
The Worldcast Ministries Conference CD/DVD order form is below. Click on the form and print. You can mail in the form with check to PO BOX 10653, Yakima, WA 98909. You can also place an order over the phone by calling our office. CD’s/DVD’s will by ready to ship the 3rd week in August. If you have any questions contact us at #509-248-5837 or

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Worldcast Conference Session Reference Sheet


April Newsletter

by harold on April 23, 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Once you become convinced that the Kingdom of God will continue to grow until it fills Earth, the next step is to determine what the Kingdom will look like once it has fully manifested. Only with a vision of that completed work can we know if our present labor is building toward the goal.

The fully manifested Kingdom on Earth will be a world where righteousness, peace and joy reign. People will beat their swords into plowshares. Just laws will establish the King’s will throughout the Earth. All people will have hearts eager to serve the King, so no enforcement of those laws will be necessary.

The presence of Jesus will be upon the land, so all of humanity will be filled with love for one another. Every person will see through eyes of compassion rather than judgment. Therefore, every wrinkle or imperfection in the face of another will open a window into a beautiful, seasoned heart. Diversity will be celebrated, racial differences will lead to rejoicing about God’s creativity, and all will long to share the treasures of their lives with their neighbors.

Humans will have dominion over this Earth: plants and animals will be responsive to man’s will, diseases will no longer plague humanity, and there will be an abundance for everyone. As Isaiah 11:6-9 promises, “the wolf will dwell with the Lamb” and “the nursing child will play by the hole of the cobra.”  Harmony will be established between nature and humanity. Indeed, creation longs for that day when it will be ordered by the gracious stewardship of the children of God. Furthermore, “the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord” (Is. 11:6-9).

There will be no curse on creation, so the sweat of one’s brow will be relieved by creativity. Every person will find work perfectly suited to their gifts and desires. Engineers will design roads, bridges and buildings that dwarf the greatest monuments of the present world. Artists will capture glories that will weaken the knees of the strongest among us. Scientists will develop new technologies that cause people to simply smile when they remember the days of iPhones. Agriculturalists will breed grains and fruits not yet imagined. And every person will sense a personal connection with the King of kings who will guide them, whisper His love and call them by a secret name.

This is the world that Jesus died, resurrected and ascended into heaven to create. There will be no end to the increase of His government or of peace; the zeal of the Lord of hosts will accomplish this (Is. 9:7).

Your Brother,


The above thoughts are taken from my book, Why I Am a Partial Preterist, Rather than a Full Preterist, which is one of two books scheduled to be released at our annual summer