Merry Christmas!

by harold on December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas, Huaah! Huaah! Huaah!

I hope you are all planning for a time with family and friends. Of course, it is time to be jolly, but it is my job to keep bringing to your attention the needs beyond yourself.

If you knew what was going on in the Middle East, you would get involved. Millions of Muslims are committing their lives to Jesus Christ—the One whose birth we celebrate!

Our Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East continue to risk their lives to spread the gospel. It is such an honor to work alongside of them.

From our comfortable, safe home, Linda and I are still taping our daily television program to minister to those who live in the Muslim-dominated regions of the world. On our program, called, The Gospel of Peace, we go through the New Testament, reading a paragraph, then talking about it so as to apply it to the lives of our viewing audience. Then it is broadcast five days each week, across the Middle East and beyond, from Egypt to India and everywhere in between.

We are posting one program here so you can sample what we are doing. Please take a moment to check it out and say a prayer for us. We don’t broadcast to people in the Western world because our friends close to home are not our target. If we knew our friends were watching, we would subconsciously direct our hearts toward them and that would change the effectiveness of what we teach. Plus, people in the U.S. would not fully understand some of the things that we emphasize in our efforts to reach another culture.

Millions of people are listening. We continue to need your help.

Consider this: If you had been alive during World War II, would you have been involved in saving the Jews or would you have kept uninvolved going about your daily business? It is easy to tell yourself that you would have done everything possible to help, but your present actions are revealing what you would have done back then.

Today something much more dramatic and historic than the Holocaust is going on. A historic awakening is happening among Muslims. Jesus is the only and ultimate answer to bring peace to the earth. Plus, eternal destinies are at stake.

This is the best time to give. You can still send a gift that will be tax deductible for 2015.

Your brother,

Harold R. Eberle


Remember that January 6 will start the webinar in which I will walk through Father-Son Theology with you. Anyone and everyone will be able to join the first session free. I will be sending out directions soon on how you can join in with us. After the first evening together, those who want to continue for the following six Wednesdays will be able to register. You will be able to ask questions which I will address before everyone on line with us. All you need is a computer connected to the internet. But it would also be good if you picked up a copy of Father-Son Theology now. It also makes a great Christmas gift..


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