Ministry Request Form

If you’d like to invite Harold to minister at your church or conference, please complete this request form.

  • Contact Information

  • Specifics on Meetings

  • Number and times you want Harold to minister
  • Transportation

  • Book Table

    Please provide one 6 to 8-foot-long table for Harold's books. If Harold has no one traveling with him, please have at least one volunteer to oversee the setup and sales of books, before and after each meeting.
  • Advertisement

    If you want a photo and/or bio of Harold, contact our office or take it off our website. Harold has his itinerary posted online and if you’d like to have your information for your conference posted there, please fill in the following:
  • Honorarium

    Harold does not charge a set fee, but asks for his travel expenses to be reimbursed, plus a love offering given to Worldcast Ministries. Please make all checks payable to Worldcast Ministries. (Honorariums, travel reimbursement, book sales)
  • Emergencies

    Harold Eberle reserves the right to cancel or re-book due to emergencies that may come up. Occurrences of this nature are rare and would be specialized circumstances, and should they occur we would not be able to reimburse for your loss incurred. (In over 25 years this has so far only happened twice.)