Online Bible College

Institute for Hope and Life

In Partnership with Vision International
You can take one or a series of Bible college courses via video. Learn with Harold R. Eberle as your teacher. 

Option 1: Enroll and then audit Bible courses for your personal improvement and equipping whenever you want.

Option 2: Enroll and then show Bible courses to your Bible Study group or any other group that you lead.

Option 3: Take ten Bible courses and earn an a Certificate from Institute for Hope and Life.

Option 4: Enroll with Vision International, take Harold Eberle’s courses and then continue with Vision International to earn a two-year, accredited* associates degree, with the option of continuing with Visional International to earn a Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate.

 If you want accreditation with Vision International, you must start and finish with option number 4. You will not be able to study under any of the first three options and then later transfer credits to Vision International.