Starting Schools for Slave Children

by harold on November 26, 2016



Hi Everyone,

In Punjab, Pakistan, tens of thousands of slave children work in brickyards. There are about 20,000 brickyards in Pakistan, each with its own slave children who work 12 hours each day, 6 days per week.

A friend, Pastor Stan Fleming, has been starting schools for the slave children to provide a literacy program for them on their off time. The program includes studies in English, Urdu (national language), Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Bible. The slaves live in the brickyards so that is where the schools are located. There is a certified teacher at each school. Currently, the schools take students up to grade 5, but the plan is to continue their education up to grade 10. At this level, students can take a national test and if it is passed, the students can secure good paying jobs outside of the brickyards. Then they can pay off the brickyard owners and secure their freedom.

We have already helped Pastor Stan start three schools (about 40 students each), but I ask you to help us build more. Each school costs $7,600; that is, $4,000 to start with curriculum, furniture, clothes, etc.; plus $3,600 for one year’s maintenance (teacher’s salary and supplies).



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